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A SQTEG participou do Fórum da Cúpula 2nd Natural Refrigerant Technology

2019-04-11 11

To promote the faster integration of environmentally friendly technology into the market, the second ATMOsphere congress –Natural Refrigerant Technology Summit Forum was held on 11th April, in Shanghai. Lou Xiaohua, the president of research institute of SQTEG, attended this forum on behalf of the company.

This conference attracted over 250 elites to discuss the application and development of natural refrigerant technology in refrigeration air conditioning and HVAC industry. Besides, they analyzed the related market, policy and technical consulting service. Lou Xiaohua shared Application & development of NH3/CO2 refrigerating system in freezers, showing the present and future of natural refrigerant technology in China,

The forum not only provided an opportunity of one-stop learning and inspection for SQTEG technical and business specialists, but strengthened communication and cooperation among refrigeration manufacturers worldwide, and provided new ideas for enterprise product technology innovation.

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