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Social Responsibility

Helping the poor and charity are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation;

Helping others and support is the new era of social advocacy.

Since its inception, the group has actively performed corporate social responsibility and committed to creating value for customers, partners, industry, returning to the community with action.

In 2017, Square Technology Group set up LESHAN charity committee to actively advocate charitable donations, poverty alleviation, education, etc.

In the future, SQTEGers will continue to practice, with love to ignite hope, with action to spread sunshine.


The rose's in other hand, that flavor in mine. Give love, to reap hope.

Student Grant

With bit of power, sincere behavior and loving action, we send the warmth and hope to large numbers of students

Help poor surrounding students

Help poor surrounding students

Help students in need

Help students in need

In July, 2017, in line with "Deliver love and help others", LESHAN committee group was established. Through setting up fund items, in public, the committee has helped the poor students in Nantong and surrounding areas; in the company, it also assisted poor staff families.

Besides, the committee responds to the requirements of national poverty alleviation, having carried out a series of public welfare activities, such as charitable donations, educational assistance and poverty alleviation. It works with social public welfare organizations and platforms to further improve the management mechanism and operation mode of public welfare activities, and encourages more people to participate in supporting public welfare undertakings.

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