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Square Technology Group PIR sandwich panel, has passed FM4880 & FM4881 certification

2023-09-29 56

Square Technology’s PIR sandwich panel successfully obtained FM4880 and FM4881 certification on September 27, 2023. The certification covers a full range of products with thickness between 50-250mm. This achievement marks the company’s advantages and capabilities in the physical properties, flame retardant properties, process control technology and quality control have been recognized by FM Approval standard.

FM Approvals are certificates for entering the global market. FM Global Company provides testing and certification services to industrial and commercial products around the world through its affiliated “FM Approvals” organization. The “FM Approvals” certificates are generally recognized around the world. It proves to consumers that the products or services have passed the highest standards in the United States and internationality.

Square Technology’s PIR sandwich panels adopt European steel panel edge forming technology. It is more difficult to form compared with traditional edge forming. The advantages of molding increase  the strength of the panel by more bending of steel panel. In one hand, it  increases  the overall  fire resistance , on the other hand,  it can also ensure the size of the tongue groove and the surface smoothness. This is key reason why company successfully pass the “FM4880 1 level fire resistance certification’’ by a series of flame retardant performance tests.

FM4881 is suitable for exterior wall enclosure systems. Square Technology’s PIR sandwich panels have passed +90/-90 psf test with wind pressure resistance, wind pullout resistance, hail resistance and other destructive tests in up to 1500mm span. These contributions are all due to the unique design and strict craftsmanship of Square Technology’s PIR sandwich panels.

The PIR sandwich panels combine its patented metal tongue groove forming scheme and high precision production process parameter control with conventional formulas, which is the first innovation in the industry. It provides consumers with high value products and extensive promotion basis in application fields.

After obtaining FM approvals, the company will follow FM quality standards, strictly control every step from raw material procurement to factory inspection, and provide consumers with integrated solutions and comprehensive support.

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