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SQTEG held a series of charity activities against epidemic

2020-02-21 302

With the prevention and control going further, protective masks, disinfection supplies and other materials were using up

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, protective supplies were in great shortage over the country. 

The group had noticed the problems the staff, companies on the firing line were facing and how difficult it was for neighbor enterprises to recover their production, so it was time to take action to give their hands, including assisting our suppliers with production, purchasing masks and disinfectant supplies and offering tremendous support to the surrounding regions for fighting against the crisis.

    In February, Square delivered necessities to the community-level areas, surrounding corporates, schools and government agencies, offering things like safety goggles, disposable medical masks, alcohol and foodstuff. What Square did expressed our care and concern on the front-line fighters.  

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

      Although many difficulties occurred  the supply in shortage, material hard to find, difficult logistics, Square Technology Group purchased items through channels we sought, and helped community-level areas get supplies in place for epidemic prevention and control, which expressed our respect and sympathy for the first-line people, embodied the social responsibility of Square Technology Group, highlighted our strength, confidence and resolution to overcome difficulties.

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