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SQTEG held 2019 Good Start& Oath-taking of Safe Production Ceremony

2019-02-12 250

Since production safety is an important guarantee for the development of enterprises, the Group held 2019 Good Start& Oath-taking of Safe Production Ceremony at 8 am on 12th February. Senior executives and employees, totaling about 1300, attended the ceremony.

Shi Jincai, the deputy general manager of production made a speech about 2019 safe production, which emphasized that in safety management, all staff should have the courage and spirit of commitment and responsibility. Safety should be put in a prominent position, and "safety first & prevention first" should be earnestly achieved. It was underlined that strengthening training publicity and safety supervision can help SQTEG reach the goal of zero accidents.

After the speech, the ceremony just began formally. The senior group went through 46 squares formed by the staff and presented red packets to the staff.

Such ceremony further strengthened the safety awareness of all employees, the implementation of the main responsibility, and created a sense of responsibility and mission for production safety in the enterprise, marking the official opening of the group's production safety work in 2019.

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