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Square  Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603339), started in 1986, owns 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 1 research institute. The Group adheres to the core of innovation, the concept of "intelligent equipment", and relying on the manufacture of cold chain food deep processing equipment. It forms an industry around high-end intelligent equipment technology fields such as refrigeration, storage and transportation equipment, industrial heat exchange, and energy-saving plates. Scale effect, obtained a significant industry competitive advantage

  • SQTEG Cold Chain

    Main business: Freezing equipment, integrated solutions to deep processing of frozen food, refrigeration engineering, etc.

  • SQTEG Tank Container

    Main business: Tank storage & transport equipment, special container, pressure vessel, etc.

  • SQTEG Heat Exchanger

    Main business: Serial products, such as air cooler, evaporator, condenser.

  • SQTEG Energy Saving

    Main business: New energy - saving panel, freezing room & cold storage, and industrial door.

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    SQTEG Self-stacking Spiral Freezer successfully delivered

    On June 15th, new-type self-stacking spiral freezers by Square Technology Group were delivered successfully to Dachan Group in Taiwan. “Such freezer has been upgraded in design, quality and performance,” said the director of SQTEG Research Department, “As the first self-stacking spiral freezer R&D pilot company in China, Square has in recent years made great progress in product design, manufacturing ability, applications and service, which promotes self-stacking freezers, complete cold chain equipment and other SQTEG high-end equipment to export overseas for years.” Square Technology Group has partnered Charoen Pokphand Group in Thailand since 2018, and the self-stacking spiral freezers delivered before have been consistently operated in its 3 production bases, meeting the various requirements of the clients. Moreover, its performance features, such as reliable operation, hygiene and safety, handy maintenance and convenient interaction design, has achieved highly appreciation from well-known brand clients at home and abroad. “Quality, Innovation, Service.” Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, global economy has been enormously affected. We SQTEG have no doubt to insist on product quality conforming to the standard of Europe and America, and excellent manufacturing ability, ensuring every order delivered timely, through which the Square value of customer first; quality counts are highlighted, reflecting the manufacturing quality of SQTEG equipment have stepped into the high-end and mature phase.

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    Enterprise tops joined forces, SQTEG stepping into new heights

    On May 23rd, Nantong City held a conference themed 2020 Top 100 enterprises united, marching further together, for integrated development across Yangtze River. In the conference gathered Federations of industry commerce of Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Nantong, along with entrepreneur representatives, all of them jointly initiating the integration of cross-river industries in Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Nantong. The director of Research Department of Square Technology Group attended this conference and signed partner with Wuxi Zhongding Integration Technology Co., Ltd. We both deepen business cooperation and promote automatic cold room project through exchanging information and complementing each other’s advantages. Afterwards, we will set up normal coordination mechanism to contribute to the project implementation, reaching the goal of mutual benefit. In the years to come, Square Technology Group will go further with Zhongding hand in hand. Based on the principle of mutual trust, mutual benefit and win-win intention, we are in pursuit of more excellent development of the group quality.

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    SQTEG held a series of charity activities against epidemic

    With the prevention and control going further, protective masks, disinfection supplies and other materials were using up… Since the outbreak of COVID-19, protective supplies were in great shortage over the country. The group had noticed the problems the staff, companies on the firing line were facing and how difficult it was for neighbor enterprises to recover their production, so it was time to take action to give their hands, including assisting our suppliers with production, purchasing masks and disinfectant supplies and offering tremendous support to the surrounding regions for fighting against the crisis. In February, Square delivered necessities to the community-level areas, surrounding corporates, schools and government agencies, offering things like safety goggles, disposable medical masks, alcohol and foodstuff. What Square did expressed our care and concern on the front-line fighters. If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? Although many difficulties occurred – the supply in shortage, material hard to find, difficult logistics, Square Technology Group purchased items through channels we sought, and helped community-level areas get supplies in place for epidemic prevention and control, which expressed our respect and sympathy for the first-line people, embodied the social responsibility of Square Technology Group, highlighted our strength, confidence and resolution to overcome difficulties

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    Square Technology Group donated 1 million yuan for fighting COVID-19

    Square Technology Group thoroughly implemented the instructions and deployment of the Party and the country; practically performed the corporate response with powerful action, sparing no effort to conduct the COVID-19 prevention and control work. On February 10th, SQTEG donated 1 million yuan to Nantong Charity Federation, especially for combatting Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, half of which was for assisting Wuhan; the other for the local epidemic prevention and treatment. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Square Technology Group immediately set up Emergency Project Team, clarifying each responsibility and duty, making emergency projects and establishing daily holiday reporting system for employees to real-time monitor their body condition. The group also purchased necessary protective articles such as disinfectant, masks, thermometers and hand sanitizer, ensuring the health and safety of employees. Square will resolutely respond to the call of the government, continue to pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control situation. Besides, we are definite to strengthen confidence, work together in times of difficulty, and make joint efforts with society to make due contributions to winning the epidemic prevention and control battle!

NTFE celebrated 30th anniversary

On October 16, 2016, NTSC celebrated its 30th Anniversary in Jiangfengyuhuo Hotel. Huang Jie, the chairman and general manager of SQTEG delivered a speech Build on past....

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