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Sifang Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603339), started in 1986, owns 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 1 research institute. The Group adheres to the core of innovation, the concept of "intelligent equipment", and relying on the manufacture of cold chain food deep processing equipment. It forms an industry around high-end intelligent equipment technology fields such as refrigeration, storage and transportation equipment, industrial heat exchange, and energy-saving plates. Scale effect, obtained a significant industry competitive advantage

  • SQTEG Cold Chain

    Main business: Freezing equipment, integrated solutions to deep processing of frozen food, refrigeration engineering, etc.

  • SQTEG Tank Container

    Main business: Tank storage & transport equipment, special container, pressure vessel, etc.

  • SQTEG Heat Exchanger

    Main business: Serial products, such as air cooler, evaporator, condenser.

  • SQTEG Energy Saving

    Main business: New energy - saving panel, freezing room & cold storage, and industrial door.

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NTFE celebrated 30th anniversary

On October 16, 2016, NTSC celebrated its 30th Anniversary in Jiangfengyuhuo Hotel. Huang Jie, the chairman and general manager of SQTEG delivered a speech Build on past....

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